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+62 85204616666 info@rameyza.com

Bromo Ijen Volcano Indonesia


IDR 1.500.000 /PERSON

   Trek through one of the most culturally rich and photogenic volcanoes on the planet. Mount Bromo is the most iconic and picturesque mountain in Indonesia standing majestically tall at 2329m. The scenery in the crater is otherworldly, it has vents that keeps spewing off yellow-white sulfurous smoke and low laying clouds that cover the lower portion of the major crater. It is a volcanic paradise of ethereal and breathtaking landscapes.   
   Join us in this trekking adventure in East Java, Indonesia. We will explore Mount Bromo and Ijen Plateau, both active volcanoes, via chartered 4×4 jeeps and a comfortable shuttle. Trek up to the crater of these 2 volcanoes and witness their spectacular beauty. In Bromo, we will take you to different spots such as Penanjakan 1 view poin, the Bromo Crater Rim you can see the active Bromo Crater, Hindu Temple , Caldera and mountainous view in the vicinity, including Mt Semeru, the highest peak in Java, and the crater rim it self. Our adventure does not end in Mt. Bromo because we will go to Ijen Plateau to do a moderate trekking up to the beautiful Kawah Ijen. This is truly an otherworldly place for we will witness the blue flames the crater emits and we will encounter sulfur workers carrying massive sulfur rocks on their baskets. We will serve you with local dishes every day. A rare experience indeed.

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Fee: Idr 1.500.000
First payment: Idr 500.000 upon registration
Final payment: Idr 1.000.000 must be made on or before Augt 8, 2019 ​


Please send with your information deposit slip to my email ( info@rameyza.com ) or my whatsapp number ( +62 85204616666 ) After you have submitted all the requirements, we will send you a confirmation email. Thank you.


You must arrive in Surabaya International Airport on or before 11:00 AM of Augt 22, 2019. Some past participants arrived one day earlier and stayed one night in a hotel near the airport.


We will arriver in Banyuwangi Harbor around 12:00PM.


Group size: 10
Danger: Safe
Date: Augt 22-24, 2019 (7 slots left)
Days/nights required: 3 days 2 nights 
Mountains: Mt. Bromo and Ijen Crater
Locations: East Java,Indonesia
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Team leader: Rameyza team
Requirements: Flight tickets


1. Monay
2. Backpack
3. ​Trekking pole
4. Jacket and Gloves
5. Personal Medicine
6. Flashlight / Headlamp


1. 1 nights accommodations (twin sharing) in a nicely-located homestay in Mt. Bromo.1
2. 1 night homestay accommodation (twin sharing) in Bondowoso.
3. National Park Fees in Mt. Bromo and Ijen Crater.
4. Driver and Local Guide.
5. Gas mask for Ijen Tour
6. 4×4 jeep service in Mt. Bromo.
7. Transport full throughout the trip.


1. Meal.
2. Plane tickets.
3. Optional tours.
4. Travel insurance.
5. Laundry expenses.
6. Horse riding bromo tour.
7. Driver and local guide tips.
8. And other emergency expenses.


Day 1 Surabaya to Bromo

We will pick you up in Surabaya International Airport at 10:00Am in the morning. Afterwards, we will start our journey to Cemoro Lawang. The journey is for about 3-4 hours, we will expect to be in Cemoro Lawang at around 15:00Pm -16:00 Pm in the afternoon. Our homestay is located near view Mount Bromo. You can explore the surroundings.( Free Program ) We will sleep early because our wakeup call is at 02:30Am.

Day 2Bromo Tour than Bondowoso

03.00Am we will pick up by Jeep 4WD vehicle and enjoy the bumping offroad trip to Mt Penanjakan. Walk about 10 minutes from Jeep Parking area to Mt Penanjakan view point where you can see the famous magnificent Bromo sunrise. Afterwards return to jeep and then drive to sea of sand and then soft trek about 30 minutes to the peak of Mt Bromo. From up the Bromo Crater Rim you can see the active Bromo Crater, Hindu Temple , Caldera and mountainous view in the vicinity, including Mt Semeru, the highest peak in Java, Afterwards, we must go back to our homestay before 10:00Am for breakfast.

11.00Am Afterwards drive to bondowoso.
The journey is for about 3-4 hours, after arrive homestay in bondowoso, ( Free program ) We will sleep early because our wakeup call is at 23:00Pm.
23.30Pm we will drive to palduding area for Ijen tour. ( Breakfast you can take away before we going to Ijen Tour ) which takes about 2 hours driving.

Day 3Ijen Tour than Banyuwangi Harbor ( Finish )

01.00Am arriver at entrance gate Ijen area, and start to hike to seeing bluefire and sunrise with local guide. We will bring our rented gas mask with us to prevent fume inhalation close to Ijen Crater. It is approximately 2 hours to reach the crater with easy to moderate hike. You need to take it easy as you approach the crater because the trail becomes hazy due to volcanic fumes. You will be required to wear your gas mask for protection. If we will arrive early and if it is still dark, we will trek down to the blue flame. We will wait until sunrise and you are free to explore the crater. Just be careful trekking and don’t go to close to the cliffs. we must go back to car before 07:30Am in parking area palduding. and then we continue tour in area Ijen, to kalipahit and blawan waterfall, and then hotsprings after that, coffee break at coffee plantation with good view. After finish all the tour, we will go Banyuwangi Harbor, which takes about 2 hours. We are arriver in Banyuwangi Harbor ( FINISH )

Thanks for join tour with me. See you and have a nice day.

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